We still love H.E.R.

Ether is a foundation dedicated to preserving & progressing the culture of Hip Hop, empowering young artists and content creators of the art form, and passing on the essential elements and values that help the culture thrive. Below is the 9 point consensus agreement for members of our community.

1. We create space intended for people that value & respect the culture of Hip Hop.
2. We agree to learn, build and commune with creative’s that uphold our values all over the globe.
3. We communicate clearly the tenants of our Hip Hop culture in order to help elevate community wherever we may go.
4. We confront destructive actions & ideas whenever they are presented in our community.
5. We honor the heritage of Hip Hop at all times and to revisit that heritage periodically through historical research and study.
6. We reorient ourselves towards Hip Hop & re-assess our mission in that culture annually.
7. We commit to establish a culture of holistic growth for several generations.
8. We commit to imagining a future that challenges the world we were taught to know.
9. We commit to being courageous in the face of injustice.

What We Do

We empower leaders of Nashville's Hip Hop Community with the tools they need to consistently deliver transformative work, and protect them for the strife of having to compromise purpose for profit.

Our Values

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Creative Equity

  • Transformative communal relationships

  • Holistic development- caring for the total growth of all our community members

The Team

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J. Baker- Music Production

JBaker is a producer/musician/creative collaborator, born in Heidelberg, Germany and currently resides in Music City - Nashville, Tennessee.

Baker quickly discovered his affinity for music at an early age through the use of technology. Baker started playing piano and enrolled in a music business course offered at his high school. Baker graduated from Middle Tennessee State University Music Business Program (Production & Tech Concentration) in 2004.

Since then, Baker has contributed to multiple projects from various artist and film makers including Tyler Perry and Scotty ATL. Now Baker continues to collaborate by producing and creating a sound for placements (major and independent), sync licenses, and the next wave of artist and creatives.

Lanei Joi - Brand Strategist

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Lanei Joi was influenced by the city of music and magic. Her interest led her to start piano and voice lessons at W.O. Smith Music School. At age 16, Lanei performed with Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, plus, sharing the stage with Debbie Allen and the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

By 2016, Lanei received the honor to be inducted into the Carson Circle, which is reserved for graduating seniors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership during their time at the University of Memphis. After collecting her Bachelor of Arts in Video Production, Lanei established herself into music business and entrepreneurship outlets. She became a personal assistant to Red Bull Sound Select artist, Kiya Lacey. In 2017, while continuing to gain skills in music marketing, graphic design, and event coordination, Lanei offered services in brand development, music artist consulting, and music marketing management.

Robert Turner - Systems & Sustainability

Robert Turner is the President of Trust Engineering Consulting Group, LLC. His company works to promote the social and economic development of communities through energy efficient building design and sustainable commerce. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University. He has worked in engineering roles at Nuclear Fuel Services Inc, BP Pipelines, and Apple Inc, where he was awarded a patent from his work on the Apple Watch. He began his work in community development and sustainability as a Fellow at the University of Illinois Chicago, working in the North Lawndale community, on Chicago’s west side.

Fred Hill - Finance & Accounting

As CFO, Fred Hill is responsible for the planning, execution, and management of all financial activities of the company. He holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and an MBA in Accounting from Tennessee State University. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Fred’s affinity for numbers and logic make him a natural accountant with over 10 years of experience in the public and private sector. Fred is an expert in strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and end of cycle closing processes. His ability to lead has made him an essential member of the financial teams of companies such as Loews Hotels, LKQ, Cigna, Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and currently myNEXUS.


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We envision a fully realized ecosystem of organisms in the form of collectives, non profits, social enterprises and thriving individual brands that generate experiences in Hip Hop that have integrity and are rooted in value.